Sales and marketing manager with 16 years of experience.  Enjoy meeting new people, social networking.  I love to relax by doing things outdoors, swimming in the ocean, running in an open field, reading a good book on soft green grass in the spring.  Watching a good movie on a rainy day.  I am a person for loves to succeed, do not have much patience when I do not. 

I like being foolish and wild sometimes, I am young at heart.  I am a proud, productive overachiever.  But I am also kind and caring.  I am docile and anxious, I am vain and shy.  I know when to be tasteful and savvy.  I truly enjoy my life.  I like to help others succeed.

I am not too vain to let everyone know I want to learn to blog and just cannot grasp it yet.  I enjoy writing.  Always felt I was good at it – then got involved on the internet.  It was a nasty taste of reality.  Anyone out there – help.

Do not tell me to quit, I will not I will get it.


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