Self Awareness

September 15, 2009

The habit of paying attention to the quiet parts of our brain
Today as I sit down to write, I thought a lot about what to say. I am actively searching for a job and must admit I am a CNN junkie. So I see and hear all the “bad” things with this world and people. I get very adamant about things people say and do. Instead of writing about them I decided to “Take a Look in the Mirror”.
How can I change, to make the world a better place? I must learn how to rate my self-awareness in general, learn about my relations. I too have made many mistakes, unlike the ones we see on the television, mine have never been on the tube, played over and over for millions to see.
I must learn to question myself, but that means going deep, and more meaningful then the ones I would use as a measure of how I appear to others. This seems so scary. Why? I know the more thoughtful questions, the better I can understand who and what I really am and meant to be.
So, what are the harder questions I must start with? I have to really look in the mirror and look at Karen, not the outside appearance but inside myself. As I said, I am actively looking for a job, and have been for the last year, why have I not been hired. I live in an area where the unemployment rate is low and there are plenty of jobs in my area of expertise. So why have I not gotten one? Because of this my social and personal relationships have suffered.
I have always been known as a very confident woman. I know that if I really want something, I can work hard enough to get it, and always have. I believe everyone possesses this ability, you must just accept it, within yourself. Self-deception is a trap that we all have to work to avoid. Raising our relationship or self-awareness requires placing more focus on a particular area of our life.
To begin I must look within and decide what I, as myself really want in my life, at this time in my life. I cannot let the “outside” immoral manner or the degree of other’s characters influences my thoughts. I am who I am; I must learn to try not to control what they do or say. I can still stay involved in my causes and fight for them. I cannot let them overrule me any longer.
As you can see your general self-awareness flows over into all aspect of your life. I encourage each of you to go deep inside and ask yourself those questions, of what you really want out of life. I would not want to leave this world without making some little difference, because I truly have had a life that most would envy. This critical knowledge will tell you who you really are and help you to accept and love your true self. Without this, you cannot set the goals that will bring about the life changes you desire. Hopefully you found the information and example questions useful as you worked through them.
I thank you for letting me cry out to you. It is an awaking for me and a confidence booster. With an attitude, unlike, I started this article with-back to CNN.
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